Month: March 2017

5 Data Breach Threats For 2017

Marla Cyber SecurityMitigate your risk by focusing on these five key data breach threats Experian say are set to dominate 2017’s cyber security landscape.

1. Passwords will finally be passé, driven by “aftershock” password breaches.
2. State-sponsored cyberattacks escalate from espionage to war.Read More

What is spear phishing?

Phishing uses behavioural psychology to trick victims into trusting the attacker in order to obtain sensitive information, Spear phishing is less prevalent, but far more dangerous.Spear phishing targets an individual or small group of people. The attacker can gather personal information about their target to build a more believable persona.”

Common cyber threats

  • Phishing: bogus emails asking for security information and personal details
  • Webcam manager: where criminals takeover your webcam
  • File hijacker: where criminals hijack files and hold them to ransom
  • Keylogging: where criminals record what you type on your keyboard
  • Screenshot manager: allows criminals take screenshots of your computer screen
  • Ad clicker: allows a criminal to direct a victim’s computer to click a specific link

What is ransomware?

Computer viruses that threaten to delete your files unless you pay a ransom are known as ransomware. Security experts have warned that ransomware is the fastest growing form of computer virus.Like other computer viruses, it usually finds its way onto a device by exploiting a security hole in vulnerable software or by tricking somebody into installing it.

Abta website: Holidaymakers hit by cyber attack

The travel trade organisation, Abta, says a cyber attack on its website may have affected about 43,000 people. About 1,000 files accessed may include personal identity information of individuals who have made a complaint about an Abta-registered travel agent. It says it is contacting those affected by the hack which happened on 27 February and has a dedicated helpline.Read More